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We're trademark lawyers helping you build your business and safeguard your life's work across the nation.

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Trademark Law

Check, register, and guard your trademark with our full-service trademark packages.

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Copyright & Intellectual Property Protection

Protect your creativity and secure exclusive rights to share, perform, and display your work with our tailored protection services.

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Business Law

Handle business legalities with confidence. We’ve got your back so you focus on running your business smoothly.

Transparent    Efficient  •  Approachable

We work with business owners, entrepreneurs, creators, and influencers, turning your visionary dreams into reality and making sure they’re protected forever.

Meet Erica (DiAngelo) Allen

Hi, I’m Erica (DiAngelo) Allen! As a fellow entrepreneur, I walk the same path you do, facing the challenges and celebrating the victories that come with building something of our own. I founded DiAngelo Law not just as a lawyer, but as business owner and creative entrepreneur who understands the passion, the excitement, and the drive to see our visions come to life. Like you, I’m committed to the journey, which fuels my dedication to protect and support your dreams with every legal tool at my disposal.

5 Trademark Myths Debunked

Are you worried the trademark process is too complex, expensive, or your brand isn’t “big enough” yet? In this mini-course you’ll learn the truth behind the biggest myths! Take control of your business and feel confident that you’re making informed decisions as you create, protect and grow your brand.

Secure a Future Built to Succeed

Imagine a future where your business is not only recognized but respected and secure, paving the way for your success. That’s the power of DiAngelo Law – your business partner, ensuring that your vision and efforts are fully protected and poised for growth.

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Protect Your
Hard-Earned Work

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Improve Brand

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gain confidence &

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Business Value

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Create New Business

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Avoid Costly


“We had the best experience working with Erica and her team! Our trademark was not an easy one to get processed but they remained diligent and worked through us until we received final approval. I would 100% use her team again and have happily recommended them to other businesses.”

— Brit R.

Your Vision. Our Mission.

Discover the DiAngelo Law difference, where we simplify business law for small businesses, entrepreneurs, creators and influencers. Our comprehensive approach is centered around you – understanding your needs, entirely virtual, supremely secure, and designed for utmost convenience. By partnering with us, you’re gaining more than just legal assistance; you’re gaining a transparent, efficient, and approachable ally.

Our expertise lies in building a strong legal foundation for your business’s growth and success, from securing trademarks to strategizing business plans, making legal navigation straightforward and stress free. We’ll navigate the legal stuff, so you can keep your eyes on running your business.

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