About Erica (DiAngelo) Allen

Erica has your back as a legal professional with real-life business experience to support your journey every step of the way.

Attorney & Creative Entrepreneur

Hey, I’m Erica (DiAngelo) Allen, and I love supporting and protecting small businesses using all the legal experience I’ve got. That’s the heart behind why I started DiAngelo Law.

I’m not just a lawyer; I’m also a business owner walking the same path as you, celebrating every little win on the way to making our dreams a reality. I understand the excitement and the hard work it takes to bring our ideas to life.

After practicing law at a small firm and spending tireless days in and out of courtrooms, fighting battles that could have and should have been prevented, I founded DiAngelo Law. It took some time to find a way to merge my passion for entrepreneurship and personal growth with my skill set as a lawyer, but once I moved to the Channel District in the heart of Tampa, FL, I became immersed in the flourishing startup ecosystem and my calling was clear.

That’s why I began using my legal skillset to focus on protecting business owners, avoiding costly legal battles, laying foundations for growth, and being an advocate to all kinds of entrepreneurs who are focusing on their passions and on the advancement of innovation.

As an entrepreneur at heart, I wasn’t going to be satisfied being just another lawyer out there doing the same old song and dance. Candidly, I felt like I didn’t fit into that stereotypical mold anyway. So, I did something different. I created DiAngelo Law to operate virtually, equipped to serve clients around the country, able to provide busy entrepreneurs with an efficient, less stressful, less intimidating, yet still high-quality option for getting the legal representation they need.

My mission is to inspire and empower others to create prosperous business and financial freedom, aligned with their big goals. I do this both through my legal services at DiAngelo Law, and also through education, public speaking and consulting.

In efforts to reach and educate as many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners as possible, I host webinars, appear as guests on many podcasts, and have been featured in Inc. Magazine, Bay News 9, CBS, NPR Radio, The Business Happy Hour Radio Show, 83Degrees Media, Tampa Bay Times, and many other media outlets spreading my knowledge of the law for entrepreneurs.

Other ways that I’ve been able to further my passions and goals are through my involvement on the Board of Directors for Learn to Fish, a non-profit organization equipping women with life skills and opportunities for a brighter future, my role as a Board Member with the Tampa Bay Latin Chamber, which is dedicated to growing the diversity in professional services, tech and the innovation economy across Tampa Bay, and my position as the Tampa Liaison for Ms. Esquire, a non-profit group of female attorneys dedicated to empowering women, uplifting underprivileged youth, and raising mental health awareness.

Outside the office you can find me at the beach or on the boat with my husband and fur baby, Zelda. I also love to travel and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I love meeting new, passionate people and interesting entrepreneurs, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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