Should I hire a lawyer for my trademark?

Should I hire a lawyer for my trademark?   Yes, and here’s why….   Unlike registering a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or other business entity, a federal trademark registration is an actual piece of property and is subject to a rigorous approval process in order to be created. It isn’t just about filling out an […]

How to Search for Trademarks For Your Business

How to Search for Trademarks For Your Business: Using a Trademark Attorneys vs. a Paid Comprehensive Online Trademark Search   Trademark Basics  Before we get started on why you need a trademark attorney to perform a comprehensive trademark search and business name search for you, let’s start with a few trademark basics. A trademark is […]

How To Get Rid of a Google Review

Removing Negative Google Reviews Removing a negative Google review is a much more complicated process than simply clicking a delete button. There are three approaches for removing negative Google reviews; each involves a different process in the way you respond to negative comments.  When you come across negative Google reviews, you will probably want to […]

Monitoring and Enforcing Your Trademark

Have you registered your trademark? Is your brand protected? Trademarks are a delicate subject to tackle, especially when it comes to who owns the rights and how to take action when another entity infringes upon your trademark rights. Perhaps you have already come across another business entity or individual who has been utilizing a trademark […]

SCOTUS, Ruth Bader Ginsberg Weighs in on Trademark Laws for “.com” Entrepreneurs

While the internet makes our lives way easier, it makes intellectual property laws way more complicated. The rise of e-commerce and the digital marketplace has expanded our ideas of intellectual property and challenged the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office’s standards of trademark eligibility. Recently, these challenges made it to the Supreme Court. On June […]

On Tap: The Importance of Trademarks for Breweries

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, many Americans are likely looking forward to having a few adult beverages. Some will indulge at their local pubs, or fill up a pint or two on tap at their favorite brewery to enjoy at home. In either case, their favorite brews from local breweries are likely […]

Protect Against Trademark Infringement

Did you know the U.S. government recognizes the value of intellectual property? It can protect the ideas generated by entrepreneurs by offering various legal protections against infringement. One such protection is the trademark. We know you may have questions on what a trademark is. A trademark is any word, phrase, symbol or design that identifies […]

Breach of Contract, Trademark Infringement or Fraud

CONSULT WITH OUR TAMPA, FL LITIGATION ATTORNEY   Disputes are very common in businesses, and can involve both internal and external conflicts. Internal conflict arises when there is a dispute between parties who are part of the company. External conflict involves at least one party outside of the company, such as vendors or contractors. Many […]

White-Labeling without a Trademark

The answer is, you shouldn’t. The entire premise of “white-labeling,” also called, “private-labeling,” is getting the ability to establish and grow your own brand without the burdensome process of creating and manufacturing a product, or coding and developing a software. If you decided to go this route, you do not have exclusive ownership of your business’ intellectual […]

Trademark Protection for Amazon Sellers

More and more business owners and entrepreneurs are finding success through selling products on Amazon. Conversely, more and more copycats and infringers are making money off of others’ success on Amazon. This is one of the reasons why Amazon has incentivized its sellers to acquire Federal Trademark Registration of their brands, in connection with the […]