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Brand Protection Guide by Attorney Erica Allen

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5 Trademark Myths Debunked

Are you worried the trademark process is too complex, expensive, or your brand isn’t “big enough” yet? In this mini-course you’ll learn the truth behind the biggest myths! Take control of your business and feel confident that you’re making informed decisions as you create, protect and grow your brand.

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How To Get Rid of a Google Review

Removing Negative Google Reviews Removing a negative Google review is a much more complicated process than simply clicking a delete button. There are three approaches for removing negative Google reviews;

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Erica DiAngelo Featured on The Real Build Podcast with Bill Reiman to discuss how protecting your brand and business is just as essential as growing them.

Erica DiAngelo on NPR discussing GDPR Rules and Privacy Policy Updates. Are you protecting your customers data?

Erica DiAngelo Featured in Inc. Magazine to discuss 3 Ways for Your Business to Fight Back After Being Sued

Make a Seat Podcast

Join us as we navigate the challenges entrepreneurs face, offering strategies to overcome obstacles and find happiness. Tune in for guest episodes featuring fellow entrepreneurs and solo dives into key topics for listeners’ benefit.

Leveraging Community to Build a
7-figure Brand with Sarah Benken

Keep the Faith and Opportunity Will Come with Whitney Holtzman

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