Speaker for Intellectual Property
and Business Law

Book Erica for your next meeting or event and teach your audience the secrets of safeguarding and steering your business towards sustained success.

Inspire Your Audience

Erica is more than just a seasoned lawyer; she’s also a successful business owner, bringing a unique dual perspective to every discussion. Her extensive legal expertise, combined with practical business experience, allows her to speak on legal solutions and real-world business strategies for growth and innovation.

Erica’s approachable style and deep understanding of the challenges facing businesses today make her an invaluable resource for any audience.

Expertise and Topics We Cover

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Trademarks to Protect & Grow Your Business

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Intellectual Property Rights for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

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Legal Strategies for Startups

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Navigating Business Contracts

Book Erica for Your Next Event, Conference or Workshop

Invite Erica to speak in front of an audience and watch the magic happen! Erica has a knack for breaking down complex business law and intellectual property issues into fun, easy-to-grasp concepts for business owners. With Erica’s warm, engaging style, your audience will leave not just informed but truly inspired to protect and elevate their businesses. Don’t miss out on having Erica light up the room at your gathering!