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Schedule Your Gifted Brandstorming Session with Erica

Sit down with Erica in a one-on-one Brandstorming zoom session. In this legal consultation and business coaching hybrid, we will dive into your business and goals to identify ways to protect and leverage your brand and even create monetization strategies using the law.

Meet Erica

Combination of legal nerd and creative entrepreneur, Erica merged her passion with her legal skillset to form DiAngelo Law in 2015, a virtual trademark and business law practice serving businesses and brands around the nation. It’s Erica’s goal to help businesses create, protect and leverage their Intellectual Property to establish long-term monetization strategies aligned with their visions.

“Erica is extremely knowledgeable about the trademark process. Every time I speak with her I learn something new about trademarks, which helps us improve our branding and advertising process. I wholeheartedly trust her with our trademark needs AND our clients.”

Ashlee Campbell – CEO, Summit Creative Marketing, Tampa, FL

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