Running into Roadblocks
During the Trademark Process?

Was Your Trademark Denied?

Did your trademark hit a bit of a snag? It happens to the best businesses! But don’t sweat it – consider it just a tiny bump on your road to building your legacy. We’re here to help you understand why it happened and map out the smoothest path to get your trademark back on track.

Together, we’ll tackle the feedback, refine your application, and boost its chances for success. It’s all about moving forward, not looking back!


“We had the best experience working with Erica and her team! Our trademark was not an easy one to get processed but they remained diligent and worked through us until we received final approval. I would 100% use her team again and have happily recommended them to other businesses.”

— Brit R.

Time for a Trademark Renewal?

Feels like just yesterday you were celebrating your trademark approval, and now it’s time to renew? Time flies when you’re building a successful business! Renewing your trademark is crucial to keep your brand protected and your empire expanding.

We’re here to guide you through the renewal process, ensuring your trademark stays in your corner, safeguarding your hard work for years to come. Let’s keep your legacy shining bright!

Ready to Clear Trademark Hurdles?

Whether you’re dealing with a rejection or it’s renewal time, we’ve got your back. Let’s team up and turn those roadblocks into stepping stones. Reach out now and let’s get your trademark—and your dreams—moving full speed ahead!